Custom Systems

Euro Systems works to provide your business and service with the best operationally efficient and user friendly system. Our custom systems have been used successfully within various telemarketing and sales spheres offer unique and simplified business operations. Our custom solutions can be streamlined into the following sections which all of our products offer.

Performance Management

The database must be able to proactively diagnose and resolve bottlenecks and also resolve scalability issues. All systems will collect metrics and monitor activity in real time and historical analysis to ensure no costly production slowdown.

Backup and Recovery

Fast, flexible backup and recovery is required. All created systems require easy to maintain and flexible backup and recovery details. Data compression allows user to reduce costs whilst also allow for fast data loading and query.

High Availability

A good DBMS ensures that all data is accurate, accessible and reliable. High availability ensures optimized online transaction speed and satisfies the users information demands while maintaining performance.

Space and Capacity Management

As a database environment grows the system requires being able handle the additional information as well as monitoring and reporting the potential growth trends and rebuilding indexes to improve performances.