Key Features

All Euro Systems Sales Database administration systems come with a full range of services. All services are customized to meet the needs of your specified requirements. Below are some of the Key Features associated with the Euro Systems Database creation. Your Database system will be custom to ensure all aspects are covered however some of the standard features include;

Customer Database and CRM

-          Find customer by name or part, id or other parameters

-          All customer related information conveniently accessible from one location.

-          Complete date-stamped history of all interactions.

-          Share data between staff

-          Reminders functionality


-          Mail Merge

-          Send Personalized marketing communication via mail or email

-          Print mailing labels

-          Select customers for mailing by any combination of parameters

-          Import customers from mailing lists accounting and other programs.

Sales Tracking

-          Track sales and orders on the database

-          Calculate sales tax

-          Generate invoices, packing slips, booking information and other documents

-          Monitor sales performance


-          Easily add your own fields

-          Customize invoices, sending information, product information

-          Create screen reports

-          Use the service for more complex customization